NCAA implements sanctions on SVSU Athletics

Self-reported violations of NCAA policy have been brought forward by Saginaw Valley State University.

SVSU has provided information on violations on the certification of amateur status of student athletes . After an initial reporting of the violation to the NCAA, SVSU Director of Media & Community Relations J.J. Boehm says further investigating was done which found the matter affected nearly every sport at the school. Boehm says the issue is bes described as a paperwork matter, with no intent to cheat identified.

As a form of punishment the NCAA has implemented a $5,000 fine, and any games that had ineligible or improperly documented athletes as participants will have wins vacated.

Boehm says a playoff ban will not be implemented and no scholarships will be lost, but the school will have 45 days to determine how many games will be vacated across all offered NCAA sports.



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