If You’re Looking for Some Zip In Your Life…Frankenmuth Has It

There are obstacle courses and then there are obstacle courses. Frankenmuth Aerial Park Manager
Thomas Knuth challenges you to try an obstacle course strung between two trees. Knuth said the obstacles include bridges, ladders, swinging ropes and barrels.

The park offers 21 different zip lines, ranging from 10 – to – 40 feet above the ground, including the ‘Frankenzip’ with 700 feet of ziplining fun.

Each participant is fitted with a safety harness, given a brief training session and time to practice on the ground before climbing into the trees. For those faint of heart, you can stay on the ground to watch your relatives and friends take the challenge.

The park is open Tuesday through Sunday, now through September 4th. Information on hours, pricing and other information, including fall hours is available on line at  http://zipandclimb.com

The park at 1375 Weiss, across from Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, is having a grand reopening Saturday.

WSGW News photos by Bill Hewitt


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